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We are seeking non-equity performers comfortable with devising theatre, improv, and immersive theatre. Although experience in these fields are not necessary, you must be willing to engage in a unique, non-traditional process of creating theatrical work and interacting directly (or in close proximity) with audiences.   ZOTTO takes place in a suite of re-imagined offices in Sakura Square (1255 19th St, Denver, CO 80202). 


The ZOTTO Experience

A mysterious doctor in a wellness center at Sakura Square has called audience members to help a family's Gosei (5th) generation granddaughter, Miya, become a protector/ancestor for following generations by connecting with her past. The audience enters Miya’s mind to help her make choices and discover connections, meanwhile, the audience is also in the same danger of becoming forgotten ghosts.  What kind of ancestors will they become for future generations?


NEEDED:  5-7 actors

  • Four female-presenting Nikkei or Asian American performers of various ages;
    20-30s (granddaughter), 30-50s (mother), 50-70s (grandmother)

  • Up to three actors of any gender and ethnicity- Yokai spirits//Doctor’s Assistant/Barkeep 


Roles Available:

Dr. Kitsune (female presenting) - The mysterious doctor who sends the audience on their journey. 


Several generations of a Japanese American family (female-presenting):

  • Miya (20s) - Granddaughter, modern day, enjoys manga and activism, has a bold attitude.

  • Yuri (30s-40s) - Reserved and contemplative daughter of a family previously incarcerated at Amache internment camp. Granddaughter to Obachan, grandmother to Miya.  An artistic performer who either sings, dances, or plays a musical instrument.

  • Obachan- The mysterious older generation grandmother. Would be comfortable to lead an audience in Japanese folk dance.


Doctor’s Assistant/Kaibyo (any gender) - The Assistant to the Doctor and Yokai wrangler. 


Yokai (any gender) - A mostly silent role (mask work and movement experience encouraged).  Part of the role is the creation of a character based on the canon of Japanese Yokai. 


Kappa  (any gender) - Kappa are generally the size and shape of a human child, yet despite their small stature they are physically stronger than a grown man. Kappa are revered in Shinto as a kind of water god. 



$25 per hour for rehearsals (up to 60 hours over 7 weeks) and performances
(up to 60 hours over 4 weeks), totaling at least $2,800 per performer


at The Savoy Denver (2700 Arapahoe St., Denver, CO, 80205) 

Thursday, September 8, 2022- 7:00 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022 - 7:00 pm 


Join the team for a group audition. Let’s Play! Expect theatre games, ensemble building, and text work. Please wear clothes and shoes you can move in as well as a water bottle. 


To confirm attendance,  complete this Sign up Sheet  or email with your name and which date you plan to attend. If you are not able to attend an open audition, please email us with your interest and resume/headshot, and we will connect with you personally. 


Rehearsal/Performance Dates:

Staged Reading/walkthroughs in September on dates TBD based on availability. 

Performances will take place at Sakura Square.


Weekly rehearsals begin the week of October 3rd.

Test Audiences:      November 3-5 

Tech Week:             November 7-13 

Previews:                November 16-17

Performances:        Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sunday - November 18-December 11 -  extension possible.  


What is devised theatre?
This show has been created by a group of local theatre makers, artists and movers from scratch.  As part of our process, we allow room for feedback and changes once we see the piece in action. We will have a director for each scene, but we are looking for actors who can remain flexible, vocal and empowered to help shape the material.


The ZOTTO Team: 

This is a collaboration between many arts groups. Spearheaded by the Japanese Arts Network and Luster Productions in 2020 as a driving tour through Denver during covid times, the production is moving indoors for 2022 and focusing on the Japanese American experience of living in Denver over several generational stories. Find out more about the team: 

Japanese Arts Network 

Luster Productions 

Theatre Artibus


Control Group Productions


Our intention is to create a project culture that feels comfortable for all participants and provides space for feedback, collaboration, and support. In accordance with the IDEA Stages 4 Pillars,  we believe in casting all of our productions expansively. We recognize that marginalized identities intersect and overlap in all people, at all times. We recognize the potential for more impactful theater when communities are involved in their own story-telling and the harm when communities are excluded.


We create theatre that celebrates intersectionality and neurodiversity - lifting up the experiences of BIPoC and individuals who are immigrants, LGBTQIA+, Blind, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, living with physical and cognitive disabilities, or part of other marginalized and underserved communities. We make art that does not center anti-Blackness, blaxploitation, and “whiteness”.


We will also hire a diverse composition of the technical crew, stagehands, audio engineers, electricians, and showrunners and engage people who identify as BIPoC, women/femme or non-binary, trans, disabled, or otherwise marginalized

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