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DIGITAL CONCEPT ART - A Behind the scenes look

To the lucky recipient of this package,

First off thank you so much for your contribution. Without you and others like you this production would have never been possible! It is because of that consideration that many artists and creative producers had work and income during a stint of this harsh period of human history, and that is something to be proud of.

Within this digital package, you will find resources and conceptual designs that either went on to become part of the ZOTTO production or were left on the cutting room floor. It includes images, notes, songs, and other audio, as well as some more complex items detailed below:


“NT” - The audio production stems (each isolated audio track) of the closing theme to ZOTTO. These can be utilized to remix or otherwise make the song your own with any digital audio workstation you are comfortable with.


“Noir” - The audio production stems (each isolated audio track or instrument) of an unfinished track that never made it into ZOTTO.


“ZOTTO - Rimikkusu Project” - The project files for the entire ZOTTO remix album, compatible with Ableton Live 10 Suite* or newer. If you do not own Ableton Live 10 Suite, all audio samples** can be found within the “samples” folder within the project.


*May also require virtual instrument plugin Serum by Xfer Records for some audio channels to work properly

**Each audio sample is paired with an analysis file generated by Ableton Live 10 Suite 

that does not contain audio


And with that, I thank you again for contributing to the ZOTTO production and helping us make all this happen. We hope to continue to entertain while creating opportunities for artists and producers.


Matthew Ryan Durgin


Audio Engineer and Music Producer for ZOTTO

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