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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I've purchased the ZOTTO experience, what's next? 

You will be mailed a packet at the postal mail address that you list at the time of purchase.  Packets will be mailed-out to audience members once or twice a week, so please allow for at least 3-5 business days for yours to arrive depending on your proximity to Colorado.  Pre-sale immersive packets will be sent out on November 6th! 

Can I experience this all online, or do I have to be driving? 

Yes, you can experience this digitally! Once you've paid for the experience on INDIE-GOGO or Bandcamp, you will receive your packet via postal mail and there will be QR Codes and URLs for each CHAPTER of ZOTTO attached to the envelopes inside of the packet.  You may also navigate the ZOTTO Experience from start to finish via the dedicated CHAPTER web pages by clicking through using the chapter navigation buttons below each video. 


What time do you recommend we begin the journey?  
 is meant to be experienced on your own time, so you may start your adventure whenever you like!  We recommend starting your journey around 4:30 PM MT, as the first location provides the option of entering a business that typically closes at 6PM.  If you are stopping inside Pacific Mercantile, please visit their website for hours of operation.  The total length of the journey will vary from person to person. 


Do I have to get out of my car at each stop? 

We encourage you to immerse yourself in the environment and walk around whenever you feel like it. However, the majority of the experience can be done within the comfort of your car.  The only two stops we recommend departing your car, if you are comfortable, are CHAPTER 1 - HAKKEN at Pacific Mercantile, and CHAPTER 8 - ICHI-GO ICHI-E at Cheesman Park. 

Where should I park?
There is no designated parking at any of the ZOTTO locations apart from Pacific Mercantile (you may park in their lot and receive a voucher if you make a purchase at the store).  We felt it was important for the full experience for you as the audience member to visit the historical locations encountered in each CHAPTER for a fully immersive experience, but where you park and listen to each track is flexible.  

How do I know where to go? 

A map will be provided in the packet you will receive in the mail.  You may also bookmark this Google Map for easy access to each location. 


I did the pre-order ZOTTO experience at a $25 donation level on INDIE-GOGO.  I was not given the option to include a Postal Address for shipping my packet.  

We apologize for the inconvenience!  This was an oversight when we set-up our campaign.   If this applies to you, and you have not yet heard from us with an inquiry about your postal address - please reach-out to us at with your name and address, and we will make sure that your packet gets shipped to you ASAP.  


I'm on the BANDCAMP site - which option should I select? 

  • If you would like to receive a packet to enjoy the full ZOTTO experience, please sign-up for the ZOTTO Immersive Packet option.  We will collect your postal mail address to send you the packet of interactive elements, and you'll also be able to download the audio tracks at that time to your computer, phone (if not an iPhone, sorry!), or the Bandcamp App.  Tracks may be downloaded to your computer then transferred over if you have an iPhone. 

  • If you prefer not to receive the packet you may simply purchase the Digital Album. 


VIDEO Tracks

  • CHAPTER 1 - HAKKEN (Pacific Mercantile) and CHAPTER 5 - NUE (Shorter A.M.E. Church) are video tracks and will be available for you to watch in two ways: 

    • Once you have purchased on Bandcamp you may access the videos via the BandCamp website:

    • Alternately, each of the envelopes in the packet you will receive via postal mail contains a URL and QR code for webpages that coincide with CHAPTERS 1 through 8 of the ZOTTO story.  The Videos as well a the Audio Tracks are available to enjoy at the top of each of these pages. 

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