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Pronounciation: "jaa - neh"


Art should be valued for its vital contribution to society.  

We proudly connect artists to collaborators and build beneficial partnerships and relationships with stakeholders and communities to recognize the interdependence of all players in the field. We also develop programs and initiatives to encourage a sustainable and symbiotic relationship between artists, communities, and stakeholders. We raise-up the artist’s experience as a person of Japanese descent in America, and provide opportunity and resources for them; recognizing the struggles they might face as part of a marginalized community.

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We envision sustainable arts ecosystems where there is equitable support for cultural, social, and economic development.

We work with stakeholders to expand the visibility of their brand and businesses through innovative and organic arts partnerships, connecting them with artistic collaborators whose creative output aligns with the values and missions of their companies or institutions. We want to help them reach target audiences through mutually beneficial endeavors.


We strive to expand the reach of communities by partnering them with Japanese artists in America to broaden audience engagement and investment.   


We help communities to connect with one another across the country, increase connections across generations with the arts as a vessel/tool for communication, and nurture the sharing of stories, culture, and ideas.  We generate dialogue and educate through the arts, and we explore the alignment between artists’ intrinsic values and community needs.

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